Epson Red LED Light Blinking On Printer

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to discuss the red LED light blinking problem in the Epson printer. Many Epson users are suffering from a red light blinking problem. What are red light blinking, and why does this error occur? The article solves problems like red LED light blinking errors.

epson Red LED Light Blinking

Red light blinking is one of the common Epson problems. But there are many reasons for the red light to blink. The red light is blinking for many reasons, such as when the Epson printer cartridges are empty or paper jams in the printer. This problem is more likely to occur mainly due to West ink pad overflow. But don’t worry; we have a solution for this. Read the following paragraph to know the solution to red light blinking

West ink pad overflow
  1. Paper jams in the printer: Clearing the paper jams will fix the problem.
  2. If the ink pod counter is full: If the ink pod is full, it may need to be reset with the Epson Resetter program.
  3. Important: Please check Epson Status Monitor 3  (how to check)

Epson Red LED light Blinking solution 

The red light blinking problem occurs when the waste ink pad overflows. But first, we have to clean the printer head and clear the paper jam. By using this red light, blinking can be solved to some extent. Epson adjustment program software should be downloaded.

epson Red LED Light Blinking

Important thing:

This software rests on the West Ink Pad. And will solve the red light blinking problem. Download this software for free from our website with the link given below. Download the software without delay and solve your problem.

Final words:

The waste ink pad overflows error removal tool is the Epson Adjustment program. Error code 031004 paper jam problem.

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