Epson L3060 Adjustment Program | Waste ink Pad, reset utility

Epson L3060 Adjustment Program | Waste ink Pad, reset utility l3060 printers are low-cost and high-quality printers. this is a perfect company. I have been using document and photo printers, and photocopiers for 5 years. Epson has different models, for example, photo printers, eco tank printers, label printers, inkjet printers etc.

Eco tank L3060 Printer has Ultra-low-cost for printing. High-yield ink bottles and can print up to 13000 pages.

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How to Working Epson L3060 Adjustment Program

New generation printers have built-in software firmware that records or provides a long-term copy and printing solution. Download the L3060 Adjustment Program click here

Did service require means?

Service required error means the sensors of the printer ink cartridges send a signal that your toner needs to be appropriately cleaned or replaced. At the time on your printer screen, all lights blinking now the l3060 printer needs to be reset

What Causes Waste Ink Pads Counter Overflow Error in Printers?

An l3060 printer waste inkpad has a large number of ink pads to collect the wasted ink during print head. When the waste ink overflows the printer stop working automatical and sends a message to you, If your printer displays an end of their service life message, Reset Ink Pads Reset Utility.

Download and install the Epson utility functions, and printing machine utilities check the printer status and perform its procedures from your computer. l3060 reset waste ink pad counter

Steps to reset waste ink pad counter:

  • Extract the file, WinRar software
  • Open AdjProg.exe file
  • Select the Epson printer model
  • Click OK, after selecting the printer model
  • now, Click on a particular adjustment program
  • Select Waste ink pad counter and press OK, In the Maintenance section
  • Now, choose the Main pad counter
  • Click on the Check button
  • To reset the waste ink pad counter, select the Initialization button
  • Next, please turn off your printer, and restart it.
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How to Use Epson L3060 Adjustment Program, Follow the video

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