Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 Resetter

Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 Resetter /Adjustment Program | Free Download Epson l380 / l383 / l385 / l485 How to Reset Adjustment Program? We have a solution for this. Here we will explain to you how to do it. If there are any problems with your printer, you can reset it through this resetter.

You can easily reset it. This resetter can be downloaded from our website. It will help you to solve your problems. Epson West ink pod counter can also be reset using this resetter. This will fix all the errors in the printer. Also, you can use it without any interruptions.

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Service Required Error

When you reach the machine print maximum limit, your machine will show you the error message “Service Required”.  Service required Error usually indicates that the waste ink pads on the machine have reached the saturation point or the endpoint which indicates the message on your machine to reset it Epson l380 service required software free download

A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life l380

There are many ways to detect the printer’s waste ink counter overflow, at the time your  l380 machine indicates the sign all red lights blink, and the machine suddenly stops working. Another way is to check the indication on the computer; you receive a notification “Epson l380 printer’s inkpads reached full at the end of their service life”.

If your Epson l380 / l383 / l385 / l485 printer has a major problem called waste ink overflow, you can fix it yourself by resetting the L380 L383 L385 L485 printer’s waste ink counter to 0%, after resetting the machine will run again. Download l380 l383 l385 l485 Resetter

Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 Resetter/adjustment program | free download

How to download the Epson l380 adjustment program

Download this Epson L380 L383 L385 L485 Resetter‌. If you need another reset check out the other reset list. You can download the l380 adjustment program from the below link.

Download Epson Adjustment program waste ink pad reset utility software, and you can easily solve your problem. Next, reset the security counter and flood breathe life back into your Epson l380 printer. The above explanation suggests that inkpads have reached the maximum limit and need to be replaced.

Epson L380 l383 l385 l485 Adjustment Program

Password: 12345

Reset Printer Using Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 Resetter (EAP)

  • Extract the zip file.
  • Run the AdjPro file.
  • Next, click on – the Select button 
  • And choose your printer model name (L380)
  • Now choose port – click on Ok
  • After that click on – A particular adjustment mode
  • Now choose Waste Ink Pad Counter – click on Ok
  • Next, select or tick on the Main Pad Counter 
  • Click on the Check button 
  • To reset the waste ink pad counter, select the Initialization button       
  • Next, please turn off your printer, and restart it.
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