how to Reset Epson L3150 Download Tool

how to Reset Epson L3150 Download Tool: Need you Know problem first ‘A The Printer’s Ink Pads at the end of Their service life’ why this error showing on the computer And All red light blinking Its Means Printer Waste Ink Pad Counter Reached Maximum limit (6500)100%

how to fix it: you need Epson l3150 ink pad to reset with Epson Adjustment program L3150

Download Epson L3150 resetter

how to Reset Epson L3150 with Resetter Tool?

  • Open the printer

  • And USB cable connect

  • After extract file (password: no)

  • Open the exe – click the ok button

  • And waste ink pad counter press the ok button

  • Next, give the checkbox main pad counter

  • Click and check the ok button

  • Click the initialization

  • Finish the adjustment program Epson L3110

  • After turn off your printer

  • And turn on back your printer

How to Active Resetter Follow step by Step…